Buyers Contract & Breeders Obligations:

“The below terms are a hard outline only. That can be modified and adjusted to the sale’s contract on an individual basis. Terms agreed by both parties before signing the sales contract. This is between the individual consumer and the seller before the full consummation of the sale. To be adjusted by the consumer’s notations and with the seller’s full agreement.”

— JD

The buyer agrees to the following conditions:


Buyer will receive the records of health and all vaccination given and the full knowledge of all future medications and the fenbendazole deworming solution upon taking the care of the pup. Buyer being fully aware and brought up to date with all details to do so on their own or with our help if local to our residence. In the event that the consumer purchases the pup and finds it to have been unfit for purchase at the time of acquisition. The consumer must notify the seller within 2 business days of the veterinarian's written findings and the determination that the pup was unfit. The consumer has the right to retain, return, or exchange the pup to the seller's discretion, but not to receive reimbursement for the related veterinarian services rendered. Prior to issuing an exchange, or refund. It is the seller right to have the veterinarian that first examined the Old English Bulldog pup privy to their release of consumer's care

Detail 2,

Consumer relinquish, or waive their rights to return the Old English Bulldog for congenital or hereditary disorders, if a licensed veterinarian certifies that the point of sell or up to one year from their birth was unfit for purchase due to congenital disorder that is a major medical concern. At the time seller discretion, the seller will afford the consumer the right to return the animal and receive an exchange the Old English Bulldog at the consumer's choice of equivalent value, but not the veterinarian's cost related to the certification the dog as unfit and not a refund of the purchase price. Health guarantee expires one year from the date of birth..

Shipping is the responsibility of the consumer. The buyer acknowledge that an animal may nit be determined unfit on account of an injury sustained, or illness contracted after the consumer takes ownership. A veterinarian findings or intestinal or external parasites of any kind is not grounds for declaring a dog unfit for sale, unless the animal is clinically ill because of that condition. Any and all medical expensive are always the responsibility of the consumer while the dog is in their procession and care.


All puppies are sold with no guarantees of size, color, quality of disposition or fertility. All puppies are sold with full breeding rights for no additional cost. This does not guarantee that the Old English Bulldog puppy when an adult will be able to sire or reproduce offspring.


If James Dorando wishes to contest a demand for a refund or exchange made by the buyer to produce the animal for examination by a licensed veterinarian designated by myself said. The transportation is the responsibility of the buyer. Upon such an examination, if the buyer in this agreement within ten business days, following the receipt of the animal for such an examination. The buyer may initiate an action in court, after said Civil Codes of Procedures 364(c.) and the 90 day intent to sue without a motion to agree A court complaint of competent jurisdiction to recover, or obtain a refund, or exchange as allowed by this agreement.


In the event the Old English Bulldog pup is sold by the buyer, all guarantees are void contained in this agreement, that pedigrees are non-transferable to the next owner of the lines.


We agree to the laws of the state of California and further agrees to the transfer of said care to transfer the ownership of care of the Old English Bulldog herewith in;

Pups will be available soon!

We have pups coming soon off Bella & Nyogi. Last year litter produced 4 girls and 6 males. These pupps should be very similar to these pictures posted. Expect seeing puppies born around Valentines Day

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