Our Mission Statement:


Our missionat JD’s Bullys is to produce a healthier Old English Bulldog puppies for all to enjoy. I take a bold approach to breeding bullies. Our what is known by registry standards as “Foundation” Bulldogs in my program were selected by chance, that has paid off in gems. Physically proven in our litters mature dogs to see . First and foremost for health, secondly for temperament. Thick boned, wide chests, big block heads, solid structure, and extremely wrinkled look is “third”. But the “one”your want to buythe “second” you see them.


JD’s Bully has the reputation for breeding healthy, well tempered, and socialize Bulldog pups. Pups with personalities that have documented bloodlines and a “Blue Ribbon” classification our dame Carmella carries. Every dog can be traced back generations to see their pedigrees. This and their health exam will be discussed before purchasing, or placing a deposit on a pup from JD’s Bullys. That will be our pleasure to provide you with any documentation to view and even make copies of for your records. This, with our guidance will help you care for and overall own, a JD’s Bullys

Why choose an Olde English Bulldogge:


Owning an Old English Bulldog puppy is an opportunity to maintain the integrity of this amazing breed. My pups go on to live with all walks of life. Young old, single married, Catholic Muslim. Showing that bullies do not judge another bully by their hair color, especially if it isn’t the same color as theirs, as we all should. We need more Brindle pups in this world.  


Oldes give families companionship and entertainment with their human sounding bodily functions and snores. Heck, they will even watch your favorite football team and enjoy a beer..if you put it in a bowl. Bullies don’t have thumbs, so how in the heck would they hold a bottle? And their looks will either scare off any intruders on your property or stop cars dead in their track to see what you have walking with you. Bullies enjoy jogging, hiking, swimming at the beach or lake, and they even skateboard. They will happily entertain without knowing they are entertaining you or your family. You will never forget the day you came to my home, and picked your Bully.

“Bully for You!”


Visit our home and bulldogs:


We welcome visitors to our home and seeing our socialize pups. My pups have full run of my home. Not in a cold crate, or smelly dog run that most breeders keep their pups imprisoned in. No, our pups watch and follow their parents leads and house trained areas. Making your home, their home and adjusting to a real home atmosphere very quickly. I can also send pictures by email or text on your smart phone to allure you to Costa Mesa and watch your pups growth until 8 weeks of age until given to you.


  I’m only blocks away from the beach, make a day of it. And hey, all the free puppy breath one can ingest. All our welcomed to see and be informed. With no pressure to buy, most do though. If not that day, our pups from JD’s Bullys will always be on your mind. But only after you fully understand what you may buy, a life. Nothing more precious than a life that should be cherished and adored.


      Pups are first come and first to buy. And will not be held, period! A five hundred non-refundable deposit will hold your selection, with one promise. If your pup does not pass it’s health exam, a non-refundable deposit does not apply. But fair choices will be offered. We strive to make all happy with their decision and joining our family of Bulldogs.


    All puppies receive a health check and a record that will list all medication and all vaccinations given up to that point in time with   a schedule dates to keep. I usually text all to remind, where you will be informed & educated on the importance of the additional vaccinations that will follow. With all due dates clearly documented and understood. That I can even provide, at no additional cost, those vaccinations. We will also provide, if asked the two remaining shots and syringes with a sealed bottle to rid pups of worms, that all pups have. Do not let veterinarians “sell” you something you do not need, as fecal exams. All puppies have worms it’s redundant to test for something you know they have. Research is your best defense against vets up sales. Remember, it is a business first and the care of an animal second. All this with our a simple instructions to follow will bring your puppy home and well. A certificate of health and the veterinarian inspection paid invoice will be shown of their “wellness exam”, written in our formatted contract of the puppy’s good health before leaving to their new home and to your families lives.

Pups will be available soon!

We have pups coming soon off Bella & Nyogi. Last year litter produced 4 girls and 6 males. These pupps should be very similar to these pictures posted. Expect seeing puppies born around Valentines Day

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