Welcome to Tanks page.

Tank is our blue-eyed Olde English Bulldogge and is looking for that special lady. Must carry the recessive Merle gene to have a chance to throw these blues to an amazing bulldog puppy.

Your world will literally change when you get a future bulldog pup from this gorgeous fellow. He will bring you so much happiness and joy you will have no choice but to love him forever. He will be yours forever!

If you are in the market for owning an Olde English Bulldog puppy, we will always do our darndest to answer any questions you have about the exceptional breed.

Every JD’s Bully puppy goes to loving, and caring homes where they will be forever nurtured and cared for, and where they will enjoy very long and happy lives.

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Rare Color

Rare colored Olde English Bulldogges is our specialty. From Lilacs, Brindles to Merles we have you covered.

Bone Structure

When quality counts we have the best thick boned, wrinkly, and best looking Bulldogge puppies around.


Gentle, affectionate, loving Bulldogges are essential to any families home. Children will love their new Olde English Bulldogge puppy. Find yours here at JD's Bullys